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Not being able to get out shouldn’t stop you from searching, viewing and buying your new home with ease. Despite our Marketing Suites & Show Homes being temporarily closed, we’re still here and we’re making buying your dream home even easier.  We asked a recent purchaser why they decided now was the right time to buy and how they found the buying process… 

Why did you decide to make your home purchase now? 

We began our search for a home around a month ago – so not that long ago at all! At the time, the coronavirus outbreak was in the early stages and it’s worth noting that even though the outbreak became more serious, the regular communications maintained remotely throughout the buying process the sales representatives - was very effective. It really helped and was certainly one of the important factors that led us to continue and purchase our new home.  

Did you physically view the show homes or did you have an online virtual tour of them? 

We did the virtual tour of the show home which worked very well in terms of showing us what we needed. Although we weren’t physically walking through the property, it certainly felt like it. We really liked the interior design of the home and open-plan layout.  

How did you find the process of doing a remote reservation? 

I found the process of doing a remote reservation quick, convenient and easy. To be honest, the whole process only took a week which is quite incredible. Throughout the process, we were in touch with the Sales Consultant and the communication with them could not have been better. This made the purchase process so quick and efficient. These are challenging times but the whole buying process of buying a new home was certainly a very positive experience despite that. 

How have you kept in contact with the sales team?

I’ve kept in touch with the sales team over email and phone, and this worked perfectly. They were always responsive and went above and beyond to keep in contact with us regularly. In fact, they even provided us with some excellent financial advisors and legal advice. 

Would you recommend others to reserve their home now in the same way? 

Yes – I would for several reasons. The buying process, even remotely, was quick, convenient and easy. We wrapped things up in about a week and were very pleased at the quality of the overall experience. Also, even though these are difficult times we live in following the outbreak of coronavirus, the sales team communicated very well and effectively with us throughout the whole process. If it worked well for us, it can work for anyone else.

Mrs. S.